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How Often Should An Office Carpet Be Professionally Cleaned?

“How often should an office carpet be professionally cleaned?” is something we are always asked.

So, here’s the situation in a nutshell.

You have an office of 200 sq. metres of carpeting. That carpeting costs on average £12 including vat per sq. metre to purchase, which amounts to £2400 not including underlay or fitting may I add.
Let’s say you have a budget for the carpet to last for the next 10 years. Assuming all costs stay the same, that means that the carpet will cost the business £2400 plus fitting etc. and another £2400 in 10 years time.
But let’s say that the carpet is not well cared for. Instead of being professionally cleaned twice per year, it is cleaned every 18 months, allowing more than enough time for soils and grit to work their way into carpet fibres, resulting in a reduced life span for the carpet.
So instead of replacing the carpet once in 10 years, we are now up to replacing the carpet twice in the same period, costing the business £7200. It does not take a math expert to figure out that this client could save £2400 if you take better care of the office carpet.

And that’s where Bucks Property Care can help. In this scenario, our advice would be to have the carpet vacuumed frequently and extracted every six months.* While this would technically be a cost for the business, ultimately carpet cleaning is an investment because it is helping you increase the lifespan of the carpet which then saves thousands of pounds in the long run.

Case Study Two

So, along with advising office owners on the need for more frequent carpet cleaning, what other advice can we offer to help you maintain this valuable asset?

The first thing you should do is make sure the office has installed high-performance mats at all main entrances from the outside, to prevent transfer of dirt to your main interior carpet. A recent survey concluded that a 3 meter mat at an entrance will capture 52% of dirt from being transported onto the main office carpet, which makes sense seeing as our shoe soles hold the bulk of all soil etc.

While not specifically applicable to keeping your carpet clean and healthy, we must note that another reason for installing mats is to provide a safe walking surface.  As the mat captures and holds soil and moisture, it keeps floors drier and cleaner, which can help prevent a slip-and-fall accident thus removing any unnecessary injury claims.

So to conclude along with frequent vacuuming, carpets should be cleaned regularly using the professional extraction method. Dirt build up is not only a bad first impression for your customers, but also not a great environment for your employees either!

The only way to remove this soil is with professional regular carpet extraction by the experts at Bucks Property Care, so why not call us today on 01494 812 687 for a quote, we could save you thousands… don’t take our word for it, visit our Facebook page to see more real life office and restaurant before and after success stories!

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